10-16/12 Curious chamber players tour in Japan


23/11 Mimitabu at Huddersfield festival


21/11 Curious chamber players at Huddersfield festival


5-18/11 tour in Sweden with ensemble Gahllm, supported by RANK.


4/11 Concert with Curious chamber players at Cinnober, Göteborg


19+21/10 Concerts at Göteborgsoperan, Carmina Burana


3/10 Mimitabu, GAS-festivalen

2/10 Mimitabu, GAS-festivalen


24/9 Stim workshop Malmö

21/9 Stim workshop Göteborg

20/9 Stim workshop Halmstad

19/9 Stim workshop Vänersborg


10/8 Mimitabu at Kalv-festivalen


6,7,8/6 Scenatet performs "Aspern suite" by S.Sciarrino at Klang festival, Copenhagen.


17/5 Concert at Göteborgsoperan, tribute to Bigit Nilsson. Svt play


4,5,6/5 Scenatet performs "Gaze by Gaze" by Niels Rønsholdt at Spor festival in Aarhus.


23-26/4 Workshop and concert at Geiger with Gageego! and Share music.


17/4 Concert with Borås symfoniorkester


15/4 Mimitabu trio concert in Hagakyrkan, Göteborg


7/4 Chamber music concert at Särö Musiksällskap. Piano quartets by Brahms, Mozart and Klaus Lang.


21/3 Curious chamber players concert at Svensk Musikvår, Konserthuset Grünewaldssalen


17/3 Curious chamber players concert at Grekisk musikfestival at Musikaliska, Stockholm


24/2 Mimitabu "Visual sounds" - minifestival at Atalante


8/2 Scenatet concert at Heimathafen, Berlin. Black box music by Simon Steen Andersen and more.


30-31/1 Workshop with Gageego! and Share music


25/1-11/3 "Kärlek på lur", Göteborgsoperan. Chamber opera by Pergolesi, La serva padrona. 15 performances


13/1 Scenatet concert at Café Oto in London. Music by Matt Rodgers


5/1 Trettondagskonsert, Göteborgsoperan


Jan-may Phantom of the opera, Göteborgsoperan. 30+ performances





27-31/12 Phantom of the opera, Göteborgsoperan


14/12 Mimitabu at Moonbus club, Göteborg


6/12 Curious chamber players concert in Graz


5/12 Curious chamber players concert in Vienna


18/11 Concert with Ghost inside ghost in Härnösand


21/10 Solo/duo concert in Visby with flutist Anna Svensdotter


6-7/10 Video recording of "Angel View" by Juliana Hodkinson with Scenatet


5/10 Concert with Makadam in Borås


21/9 Curious chamber players portrait concert of Clara Iannotta in Stockholm


4-10/9 Ensemble Makadam concert installation "Durationer" at Konserthuset Göteborg. Several concerts during the week.


19/8 Release of Carolina Falkholt album "Resonera" on which I contribute with a remix of "Bränner"


12/8 Kalv-festivalen with trio Al'Ud


31/7-7/8 Disko Arts Festival Greenland


18-21/6 Recording music by Malin Bång with Curious chamber players


1/6 Verona Risuona festival, Italy with Scenatet. Performing Matt Rodgers "Weep at the elastic as it streches"


29/5 Concert at HSM with Mimitabu trio. Music by composition students


27-28/5 Mimitabu festival! Cinnober Göteborg


19/5 Soloconcert at SOLO-festivalen in Uppsala


11,13,14/5 performing Manos Tsangaris "Citypieces" with Scenatet at Spor festival, Århus


12/5 Concert with Scenatet at Spor festival, Århus


2/5 Concert with Scenatet at café Oto, London. premiere of "Weep at the elastic as it streches" by Matt Rodgers


25/4 Concert at MATA festival in New York with Scenatet


8/4 Concert with Curious chamber players in Cologne. Premiere of Malin Bångs piece "Kudzu"


25/3 Concert with Mimitabu at Svensk musikvår


22/3 concert at Svensk musikvår /Konstmusiksystrar

Solo and duo with singer Madeleine Jonsson Gille


17,18,19/3 new opera by Niels Rønsholdt "Blik for blik" with Scenatet at Pakhus 11 Copenhagen


25/2 Konsert Öckerö kyrka


19/1 Soloconcert at Sirenfestivalen at HSM, Göteborg. Premiere of six new pieces by the master composition student - Hans Artursson, Sigurdur Árni Jónsson, Rosali Grankull, Nils Henriksson, Max Nyberg and Árni Bergur Zoëga.


5/1 Trettondagskonsert Göteborgsoperan







16/12 Mimitabu christmas concert at Atalante


8/12 Denude at Hängmattan, Musikens hus


19/11 Curious chamber players at Bludenz festival


10/11 Mimitabu concert 2 at Sound of Stockholm festival


9/11 Makadam "Durationer" sound-art-installation concert at Bonniers konsthall, Sound of Stockholm festival


9/11 Mimitabu concert 1 at Sound of Stockholm festival


28+29/10 Scenatet in Hong Kong at Connecting Spaces,

"City pieces" (Window piece) by Manos Tsangaris

30/10 Scenatet in Hong Kong at Connecting spaces, "Me Quitte" by Niels Rønsholt


19/10 release concert for Anna Erikssons album "Ghost inside ghost" Cinnober. arr Levande Musik


5/10 Concert with Scenatet in Copenhagen


22/9 Improvisation concert at Nefertiti, Klubb Entra


19+20/9 Scenatet performs "Infinito nero" by S. Sciarrino at Warsaw Autumn festival


16/9 Concert with Scenatet at Warsaw Autumn festival, Angel view by Juliana Hodkinson


9/9 Domkyrkan, Göteborg


26/8 Denude at Cajsa Warg


17/8 Denude at Crippas café













13/8 Makadam at Kalv-festivalen


13-15/7 The Bear


6-9/7 The Bear


1-2/7 The Bear


30/6 The Bear, opera by W. Walton at Kronhuset, Göteborg with Opera Estrad.


28/5 Makadam feat. Avin Omer at Konstepidemin


12/5 Mimitabu concert at Artisten, music by composition students


7/5 Mimitabu concert at Cinnober, solo and chamber music


27/4 Denude at Cafe Kastello, arr. Glöd


21,23,24/4 Gageego "Prosperos garden" opera by Ming Tsao at Göteborgsoperans Lilla scen


14-17/2 New opera "Akvarium" by Roger Johansson at Atalante, Göteborg. Man Must Sing with trio Prosperus


19/3 Högsbo kyrka Johannespassionen


27/2 Mimitabu at Geiger festival, Atalante. Music by Johan Svensson and Ylva Lund Bergner


10/1 Högsbo kyrka konsert


2/1 Högsbo kyrka Nyårskonsert






10/12 Curious chamber players concert at Sofiagatan 1, Stockholm.


6/12 MonoMono in Århus at "Where were we" festival


18/11 Concert with ensemble Makadam at Khimaira, Stockholm.


13,14,15/11 Scenatet performing "Infinito Nero" by S. Sciarrino in Maskinehallen, Copenhagen. Link


5/11 MonoMono lunch concert at Sound of Stockholm festival


2/11 Release MonoMono LP "Två Porträtt", Litteraturhuset in Göteborg


28/10 Concert with Mimitabu at Levande Musik. Music by composers from Göteborg.


14/10 Denude at Holy Moly


10/10 Uthark at Geiger, new experimental chamber opera


3/10 Performing with the Sound weave/Ljudväven, in Alingsås


26/9 Scenatet at Nordic Music Days in Copenhagen


17/9 Denude gästar Bäck Brothers jazztivoli på Holy Moly


10/9 Concert with Mimitabu at Artisten, Göteborg. Music by Klaus Lang.


12/7 Scenatet in Berlin, performing Analogue by Joanna Bailie at Heroines of Sound festival at Radialsystem.


6/6 Performance with Lars Carlsson - "the Compass rose" for cello and electronics in Verona, Italy

Verona Risuona festival. (with support from Konstnärsnämnden)


3/6 Solo concert at Verona Risuona festival, Italy.

Performing "Birds for company" by Mirjam Tally and "Spins and spells" by K. Saariaho



29+30/5 Concert with GSO at Konserthuset, Göteborg


25/5 Denude at Hammok


9/5 "In vain" by G.F. Haas with Norrlandsoperan at MADE-festival in Umeå


25/4 Concert with Curious Chamber Players at Levande Musik, Göteborg


19/4 Mozart requiem in Högsbo kyrka


18/4 Mimitabu at RANK-festival in Malmö


14/4 Curious Chamber Players at MATA festival, the Kitchen, New York


12/4 Concert with Curious Chamber Players at DiMenna music center, New York


29/3 Performance in Lars Carlssons sound installation "Sculptures of spring and naked flowers" at gallery Friendly Society in Berlin


24/3 Concert with Mimitabu at Cinnober, Göteborg


5/3 Concert with Scenatet at DKDM, Copenhagen


28/2 Concert with Lars Carlsson at Geiger festival


15/2 Denude at Hammok


17/1 Concert in Hagakyrkan, "Ghost inside ghost" ensemble music by Anna Eriksson. Recension DN






6/12 Bach Christmas oratorio, Högsbo kyrka


29/11 MonoMono at Geiger festival in Göteborg


26/11 Concert with GSO at Konserthuset, Göteborg


22/11 Fauré´s requiem, Skt Pauli kyrka


15/11 Denude at Café Nina, Göteborg


1/11 Fauré´s requiem, Frillesås kyrka


22,23,24/10 Concerts with GSO at Konserthuset, Göteborg


18/10 GAS festival, soloconcert with Lars Carlsson on electronics at Pustervik, Göteborg












11/10 Textile Sounds festival in Borås, performing together with Lars Carlsson and artist Maria Johansson with the "Sound Weave"


7-11/10 School concerts with GSO at Konserthuset, Göteborg


2+3/10 concerts with GSO at Konserthuset Göteborg


25/9 concert with GSO at Vara Konserthus

24/9 concert with GSO at Konserthuset Göteborg


13/9 performance with Carolina Falkholt (live painting and vocals) and Lars Carlsson (electronics) during Uppsala Kulturnatt.


30/8 Mimitabu concert at UNM festival in Malmö


21/8 concert with GSO at Konserthuset Göteborg


14,15,16/8 Gageego "Luci mie traditrizi" opera by S. Sciarrino at Göteborgsoperans "Lilla scen"


5/8 Darmstadt international summer course for new music, concert with Curious chamber players


9/6 Curious chamber players at Festival Forum Valais, Switzerland


7/6 Curious chamber players at Musica Aperta, Switzerland


3/6 Mimitabu playing music by Johan Svensson at Norges Musikkhøjskole in Oslo


22/5 Recieved a grant from the city of Göteborg - Göteborgs stads Kulturstipendium.


16/5 Ljudvågor festival, Gotland, concert with Johan Arrias, Axel Dörner and Tischa Mukarji


14/5 Ljudvågor festival, Gotland, performing "The Electron Reservoir" - a ballet for cello and electronics by Ben Richmond


8/5 Mimitabu at SPOR festival


26/4 Performance with Mikromakro project in Malmö. (Part of RANK tour)


14/4 Concert with Mimitabu in Copenhagen


13/4 Concert with Mimitabu in Århus


5/4 Sibelius museum in Åbo, Finland. Performing Johan Svenssons ”Composition for DIMI-A and Halldorophone” on the instrument Halldorophone, developed and buildt by Halldor Ulfarsson. Part of a work stay in Helsinki/Åbo with Halldor Ulfarsson and Johan Svensson 1-8/4. Also recording of a video.


22/3 Concert in Luleå with the Mikromakro project. (Part of RANK tour)


18/3 Concert with ensemble Scenatet at Berghain, MaerzMusik festival in Berlin.


14/2 Concert with Curious chamber players in Paris (Swedish institute)





28/11 Concert with MonoMono in Växjö Konsthall (part of RANK tour)


23/11 Playing in two shows of "Addams family" at Lorensbergsteatern, Göteborg.


21+22/11 Britten "War requiem" with GSO


15/11 Concert with Mimitabu at Stenhammarsalen, Göteborg (part of RANK tour)


13/11 Concert with Mimitabu in Oslo


11/11 Concert with Mimitabu in Gävle (part of RANK tour)


7/11 Concert with Curious chamber players at Sound of Stockholm, in Kulturhuset


25/10 Concert with MonoMono in Sandviken (part of RANK tour)


24/10 Concert with MonoMono in Växjö (part of RANK tour)


20/10 Concert with Mimitabu at Vara Konserthus, Magnet Festival


20/10 Performance with Mikromakro at Vara Konserthus, Magnet Festival


3,4,5/9 Concerts with Curious chamber players at Gaudeamus Festival in Utrecht


29/7-9/8 22 Concerts at old peoples homes in Göteborg with soprano Åsa Nordgren (part of ”Speldags”)


2,4,7/7 Concerts with Curious chamber players at Viitasaari festival in Finland


14/6-18/8 part of the exhibition ”Love Explosion” at Konsthallen, Göteborg with MonoMono´s sound/text/video installation ”Alfabetet Undergången”

Concert at the opening 14/6













12/6 Concert with Mimitabu at Artisten, Göteborg


8/6 Concert with Curious chamber players at Estonian new music days in Tarttu


11,12/5 Concerts with Scenatet at Spor festival, Århus


3/5 Soloconcert – ”Lägenhetskonsert” – Levande musik i Göteborg


22/3 Concert with Curious chamber players at Capitol in Stockholm


9/2 Performance with Carolina Falkholt and Lars Carlsson at the opening of the exhibition ”Mynningsladdare” at Röda sten Konsthall, Göteborg

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